Remote Internships Part 1: A New Normal For Curlec Interns This 2020

As temporary job displacements reached a record high during the pandemic due to business closures and movement control orders, flexible and remote working arrangements have become a critical enabler to ensure both business and economic continuity. Now, a few months down the line, as we attempt to adapt to the

Muaz Anuar: Cracking the Business Development Strategies as New Hires.

From building strategic partnerships, planning business expansions to identifying new markets, Business Development Managers are the cornerstones in any successful organisation that ultimately generates new revenue and contributes to the company growth. Speaking about his onboarding journey with Curlec, we caught up with Muaz Anuar who had just recently joined

Steve Kucia: Working with Millennials in FinTech

As the first online Direct Debit payment provider in Malaysia, Curlec was founded with the vision to make it as easy as possible for businesses to collect recurring payments. And 2019 has proven to be a big year for Curlec. Not only did the company see tremendous growth, but it

Curlec at SuperCharger Malaysia Demo Day 2018

Modern problems require modern solutions. Zac Liew, CEO and Co-Founder of Curlec, reveals the truth behind the low adoption rate for Direct Debit as a payment method in Malaysia and what we are doing to bring Direct Debit to small and medium sized businesses in the country. He presented this