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"Curlec’s Direct Debit service has helped enhance our customer purchase experience by providing a hassle free insurance purchase at their fingertips. We believe this has certainly help drive us to be the preferred health insurer among the Millennials and digital natives today."

“We are now able to open up an additional repayment option to our clients which is automated, resulting in increased customer efficiency and shortened processing time.”

“Curlec integrates seamlessly with our cloud-based accounting software, Xero to streamline our entire collection process, helping to digitise our businesses in line with the current situation, thus, giving our clients the full package.”

“Through it's data tracking and recurring payment reporting system, Curlec has enabled us to double our revenue growth by turning payments into a competitive advantage."

“As a proponent of technology, our partnership with Curlec has improved our cash flow, shorten our debtor days, as well as automating our workflow to become more efficient.”

"Curlec has provided us with an improved sales proposition, while giving us the benefit of collecting regular payments with minimal input."

“Curlec has enabled us to create a better payment experience for our members with faster payouts and flexible payment options to cater to our packages, resulting in a 40% increase in our collection rates since last year.”

“What really sets Curlec apart was the way in which their solution completely integrates with the Direct Debit process. We don’t just save on transaction fees, we save time."

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