Mahzan Sulaiman sees significant success in shortening their debtor days, as well as automating their workflow to become more efficient with Curlec.

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Launched as a tech-savvy firm of professionals driven to help SMEs achieve their strategic and financial goals, Mahzan Sulaiman aims to provide financial freedom and independence for business owners and stakeholders alike through its core services, which includes business improvement, global service outsourcing, cloud technology and chartered accounts.

The challenge

Prior to the partnership with Curlec, Mahzan Sulaiman utilised traditional and manual methods such as bank transfers and cheques to collect its monthly payments, which resulted in spending half of the time sending out reminders for overdue invoices and chasing for collections. With high receivable days (> 150 days) as well as numerous overdue payments that strapped their cash flow significantly, the team needed a system that was efficient enough to remove any concerns and provide the automation that is needed to run the business.

The solution

With the help of Curlec’s Direct Debit solution, Mahzan Sulaiman is now letting outstanding invoices be a thing of the past by streamlining and automating its processes, that not only syncs well within the company itself but also with the client’s cloud accounting processes, welcoming a future of carefree payment solution that significantly improves on its cash flow, shorten their debtor days as well as automating their workflow to become more efficient.

“As a proponent of technology, our partnership with Curlec has improved our cash flow, shorten our debtor days, as well as automating our workflow to become more efficient.”

- Mahathir Mahzan, Founding & Managing Partner of Mahzan Sulaiman

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