Supercharge your business with faster payouts

Whether you plan to disburse money to your service providers, suppliers or customers, simplify and automate your disbursement workflows with Curlec Payouts.

Optimise your payout performance

Designed to scale up your business efficiently and improve your user experience, Curlec provides a fast and secure way to pay out funds via Instant Transfer, DuitNow or Interbank Giro (IBG).

Instant payouts

Set up your disbursements within a few simple clicks, and send instant payouts to your payees anytime, anywhere.

Schedule payouts

Customise your disbursement flows for better payout automation through scheduled payouts.

Real-time notifications

Stay informed with real-time transaction update at every step of the payout journey.

Tracking & reporting

Access reporting insights and have the flexibility to manage your entire disbursement process all within a single platform.

Turn payouts into a competitive advantage

Faster payouts

Streamline the process of creating and sending out funds through Curlec’s dashboard and powerful API to help funds get to customers faster.

Maker-Checker authorisation

Add an extra layer of protection for your payouts process with Curlec’s Maker-Checker function built to initiate payments correctly and securely within your team.

Optimised workflows

Clear out the clutter by linking multiple bank accounts to a single payee to optimise your disbursement workflow.

Automated notifications

Curlec lets you send automated notifications through our built-in email notification workflow as well as integrated Telegram notifications.

Use Cases


Curlec enables property agencies to collect recurring fees from tenants such as rental payments and utilities, then disburse them on time to landlords.

Merchant disbursements

Use Payouts to schedule your payments to be executed on time, every time to your partners, suppliers and stakeholders.


Accidents happen. Accidentally overcharged customers? Customers cancelled their purchase? The Payouts feature helps you easily make and keep track of all refunds.

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