Powered By Curlec: AXA AFFIN Life Insurance

“With 61% of our customers opting for Direct Debit, Curlec has clearly helped us move our business forward by making the customer experience much simpler, resulting in a 300% month-on-month revenue growth in our online health insurance product.”
Rohit Nambiar, CEO of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance.


With a purpose to empower people to live better lives, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance aims to disrupt the insurance/health space by putting the customers at the centre of everything they do through the launch of the first-in-the-market online medical plan for Malaysians and expatriates. AXA eMedic offers immediate and convenient purchase of medical cards designed to digitally inclined lifestyle of millennials today.

The Challenge

While AXA has garnered much success and interest among millennials comprising of young professionals and families with the launch of the eMedic online insurance in 2018, a large pool of these potential customers face payment roadblocks due to the lack of credit card ownership by Malaysians (less than 21%) as well as the cumbersome processing to set up a standing order to authorise monthly payments using credit/debit cards.

The Solution

With the help of Curlec’s online Direct Debit solution, AXA can now offer customers a unique health ecosystem as eMedic customers can now opt for monthly payments using the preferred online banking account, without the hassle of setting up a standing order and the need for a credit card.

“Curlec’s Direct Debit service has helped enhanced our customer purchase experience by providing a hassle free insurance purchase at their fingertips. We believe this has certainly help drive us to be the preferred health insurer among the Millennials and digital natives today,” says Rohit.

Since making the switch to Curlec in December 2018, the company has seen a 300% month-on-month revenue growth with 61% of customers opting to use Direct Debit as a method of payment.

Following this success, AXA has recently launched the eMedic Family Plan – a single, online medical package for families.

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