Powered By Curlec: RentGuard

“Through its data tracking and recurring payment reporting system, Curlec has enabled us to double our revenue growth by turning payments into our competitive advantage.”
Jeff Tan,
Co-Founder & CEO of RentGuard

Launched as the first online rental collection system in Malaysia, RentGuard is a property technology startup that aims to digitise property operations by providing a fast and secure platform for both Agencies and Landlords to tackle its business and investments such as Agency Business Process Management, Rental Collection, Tenant Profile Screening as well as Ageing Report.

The Challenge

Since launching in 2016, the team behind RentGuard discovered pretty quickly that the other payment gateways that were utilised not only came with high fees, but also tremendously lack in the systematic integration needed to link the various banks used by their customers.

“We knew that we had to find a different solution to give us the reliability that we needed, and this is where our partnership with Curlec comes in,” says Jeff.
The Solution

RentGuard has now doubled their monthly revenue growth by turning payments into their competitive advantage.

Utilising Curlec’s data tracking and recurring payment reporting capabilities, RentGuard is now able to grow their business by offering Property Agents and Landlords a completely automated solution for rental collection.

Jeff adds: “I can definitely say that Curlec’s Direct Debit was the key that made it possible for us to launch the first ever rental collection tech system in Malaysia.”
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