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Turn payments into an
effortless process

Turn payments into a competitive advantage. Our fast, flexible and secure solution helps you to maximise business opportunities and accelerate growth.

Maximise your payment collections with Curlec

Whether you have fixed amount recurring payments, a pay-as-you-go business or one-off payments, collect them all with Curlec through Direct Debit or Card Payments

Instant Sign Up

Sign up customers instantly for recurring payments via Direct Debit or Visa/MasterCard cards using our online eMandate form. Once setup is complete, you will be authorised to collect payments when they are due.

Optimise Payment Collection

We integrate with your billing software and automatically collect payments when they are due. This puts you in control and ensures you always get paid on time.

Automatic Reconciliation

Simplify and accelerate how you reconcile transactions. Automatically sync Curlec with your accounting system or use Curlec to export transaction details.

Easily Manage Payments

View and manage all your Curlec data, customers, plans and more from our easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll have access to everything in the system at your fingertips.

Collect one-off payments with a frictionless experience

Curlec makes it easy for you to maximise your payment collections by combining your recurring payment solutions with Curlec’s individual one-off payments via Instant Pay (FPX) and Card Payments. Integrate seamlessly into our API, prebuilt plugins or alternatively, just use our online dashboard to collect your one-off payments

This is great for:
upfront payment
Upfront Payments
Credit Control

An end-to-end solution
for recurring payments

Curlec handles your payments each step of the way, so you can focus on what matters.

Key features:

Flexible Subscriptions

Setup flexible payment plans to offer your customers the optimal billing experience

Payment Links

Send payment links to your customers to request payment or setup a recurring collection

Automated Collections & Retries​

Manage failed payments with our automatic retry features that optimise payment collection

Online Dashboard​

Follow and track all your transactions on a single Dashboard, to manage your recurring revenue, to set up payment plans and analyse reporting
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Security is at our core

Data security is of utmost importance to Curlec and we put this at the forefront of our thinking.
We invest heavily in ensuring that our infrastructure is comprehensive and secure.
Account details are stored with military grade 256-bit encryption
All data transmission is encrypted to
the HTTPS standard
All files are transferred using SFTP in compliance with Malaysian banking standards
Authorisation of all transactions completed with two-factor authentication
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