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Our subscription management system handles your recurring customer lifecycle from start to finish so that you can create, personalise and manage all your recurring payment plans with ease.

Building blocks for subscriptions

Optimised functionality

Curlec provides businesses with a complete set of tools with optimised functionality to power through their recurring revenue products and services.

Seamless customer onboarding

Go to market faster and allow customers to instantly subscribe to your business in minutes and directly manage their transactions and subscriptions.

Customisation is key

Curlec offers unending room for flexible plans and pricing so that businesses can customise their subscriptions by frequency, value and collection date.

Subscriber satisfaction

Give customers the option of spreading out billings over time instead of lump-sum, guaranteeing prompt payment on time, every time.

Manage your subscriptions at scale

Optimised product catalogue

Set up and edit multiple products and service offerings using customisable catalogue plans.

Flexible pricing models

Configure flexible pricing plans and offer your customers the optimal billing experience.

Extra add-ons

Engage your customers with easily configurable discounts, prorations and add ons.

How it works

Quick & easy setup

You set the price, and let us handle the rest. Set up and roll out subscription plans within minutes and collect payments anywhere, anytime.

Increase customer value

Create a better subscription experience by allowing your customers to include addons in a few simple clicks which in turn boost your revenue.

Subscription management

Automate the mundane bits of your subscription lifecycle management such as collecting payment information, updating billing changes and subscription renewals.

Full visibility

In addition to automatically generating invoices for customers, Curlec keeps full records of all transactions in one single place so that you can easily track and reconcile your payments.

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