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RazorpayX supercharges your business banking experience. We help business owners and finance teams automate manual, repetitive financial tasks and provide insights into money flow.

What's New

  • : Set up and monitor costs across your organisation's business units using Cost Centres. You can tag expenses, trigger approval workflow on Purchase Orders and more. (May 2024)
  • : Integrate Zoho Books with RazorpayX. Seamlessly sync payment information to the RazorpayX Dashboard and simplify understanding your business transactions. (August 2023)
  • : Set up an approval workflow for invoice payments on the RazorpayX Dashboard and ensure accuracy and compliance for your organisation. (July 2023)
  • : RazorpayX's Bulk Upload feature is now much more simpler. The new template is easy to use and enhanced with in-sheet guidance to reduce errors. (July 2023)


Using RazorpayX, you can process:

  • Refunds for customers.
  • Salary payouts with automated statutory payments such as PF and TDS.
  • Vendor payouts with automated TDS payments.

You can make timely payouts on RazorpayX either via our user-friendly Dashboard or developer-friendly APIs in 3 easy steps.

Create Payout Process on RazorpayX Dashboard

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Handy Tips

If you are an existing Razorpay user, you can use your Razorpay Payment Gateway credentials to sign into RazorpayX.

Use your existing API keys to fire RazorpayX APIs.

RazorpayX is a banking platform that provides businesses with an API-first banking solution to manage payments, finances, and cashflow. The versatile platform finds its application in multiple industries and sectors, including Ecommerce, online marketplaces, freelance platforms and more. Below are some of the most common use cases for RazorpayX.

Online marketplaces are a complex network of buyers, sellers, and transactions, making the management of finances and payments a key component of their operations. RazorpayX provides a suite of tools and features designed to streamline and automate these financial processes, thus improving the efficiency and performance of online marketplaces.

Seamless Vendor Onboarding

  • KYC norms prevent fraud and ensure compliance in financial transactions. RazorpayX automates vendor verification and simplifies onboarding with .
  • RazorpayX's streamlined process accelerates onboarding, reducing manual effort for marketplaces. Vendors can use their for invoice uploads and easy reconciliation.

Payouts Approval

Detailed Transaction Reports

  • Ensure marketplace transparency with RazorpayX's comprehensive offering.
  • Gain transaction insights like parties involved, payment methods, and timing.
  • Simplify audits and grasp business performance through detailed reporting.

RazorpayX can ease payment processing for freelance platforms. It allows for the smooth transfer of payments between clients and freelancers, offering transparent transactions and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Scheduled Payouts

  • Optimise freelancer payments with , enhancing consistency and timeliness.
  • Reduce delays and bolster trust through reliable automated payouts, improving freelancer satisfaction.
  • Customise schedules to meet freelancers' preferences and client convenience.

Transparent Transactions and Reporting

  • Foster trust and prevent payment disputes by upholding transparency among freelancers, clients and the platform with RazorpayX's comprehensive transaction recording.
  • Access transactions in the Account Statement section and download and email from the RazorpayX Dashboard, ensuring transparent and clear financial communication.

Invoice Portals

  • Employ for freelancer convenience, allowing them to upload invoices centrally.
  • Streamline payment management, track dues, and deadlines through user-friendly portals.

Approvals on Invoices

  • Initiate client approval before processing payouts for freelancers' dues.
  • Enjoy automated and seamless .

Educational institutions and e-learning platforms can leverage RazorpayX for hassle-free fee collection. Automated receipts, timely reminders, and an easy-to-use interface simplify the payment process for students and parents.

  • Education benefits from diverse sources, including E-learning platforms and external experts.
  • E-learning platforms, whether self-contained or third-party, enhance pupil experience.
  • Simplify payments using , streamlining finance procedures.
  • Avoid bank details for one-time resources while maintaining proper records.

Easy Accounting Integration

  • E-learning platforms manage multiple accounts, often leading to complex reconciliation.
  • Utilize with and , along with downloadable .
  • Enhance visibility, transparency, and team collaboration while ensuring consented access.

Manage Team and Custom User Roles

  • Small startups often engage third-party vendors for various needs.
  • allow controlled access with or without .
  • Flexible role assignments apply to both vendors and freelancers, enhancing security and control.

Bulk Payouts for Refunds and Scholarships

  • Prominent education platforms incentivize dedicated students with rewards.
  • Use and for convenient bulk payouts.
  • Simplify rewards distribution without the need for individual account details, improving efficiency.

SaaS companies can use RazorpayX for invoices and customer payouts. The platform offers a robust solution for ensuring timely payments and providing detailed transaction reports.

Tax Payments

  • Embrace for efficient compliance.
  • Automatic calculation and deduction minimize errors and non-compliance risk.
  • Save time, avoid penalties, and enhance business efficiency through streamlined tax processes.

Generate Invoices

  • Generate for transparent customer transactions.
  • Invoices track services, costs and payments, building trust.
  • Manage revenue, cash flow, and taxes with automated , utilizing OCR for existing invoices.

Detailed Financial Reports

  • Utilize for in-depth financial insights.
  • Guide strategic decisions with revenue sources, expenses, and profitability data.
  • Enhance resource allocation, compliance, and investor confidence with detailed financial information.

RazorpayX simplifies the complex financial operations of retail and Ecommerce businesses. The platform offers tools for easy vendor payments, managing returns and refunds, and automating salary payments for employees.

Automated Vendor Payments

  • Use by RazorpayX for convenient and timely vendor payments, whether immediate or scheduled.
  • Opt for or direct payments, with the flexibility to streamline invoice handling through the .
  • Automate payments once set up, using funds from your chosen account type in RazorpayX for seamless vendor transactions.

Simplified Returns and Refund management

  • Employ and for cashbacks and refunds, either individually or in bulk, with instant or scheduled options.
  • Establish an on RazorpayX Dashboard for required permissions before making payouts.
  • Simplify reconciliation with downloadable reports for all recorded payments, ensuring easy tracking and management across various scenarios.

Automated TDS Payments

  • Enforce tax compliance using through RazorpayX, including setup.
  • Automate TDS calculations upon invoice upload and seamless integration with the Tax Payments Application.

Easy Accounting Integration and CA Portal

  • Simplify Ecommerce reconciliation using with Zoho or Tally, exporting transaction details seamlessly.
  • Share relevant data by integrating with your preferred software and provide access to a for your CA to review transactions on RazorpayX Dashboard.
  • Streamline accounting processes, enhance collaboration, and offer transparency.

In the gaming industry, RazorpayX can facilitate seamless transactions for in-game purchases. The platform also simplifies the management of player payouts for gaming tournaments.

Payout from Multiple Accounts

  • Choose between linking multiple or using funds in for making payouts.
  • Easily switch between the two options as needed, enabling diverse payment types without manual reconciliation.
  • Seamlessly manage payments with automated recording and reconciliation offered by RazorpayX.
  • Address discomfort around sharing banking details by leveraging , enabling engagement from one-time players and retaining potential users.
  • Utilize Payout Links for cashbacks, refunds, and flexible employee payouts, including short-term contracts.
  • Maximize player participation, offer incentives, and streamline payments with the versatile capabilities of Payout Links.

Sub-Accounts for easier Financial Collaboration

  • Larger gaming companies with multiple games can create distinct for individual competitions.
  • Streamline winner's payouts through a single Current Account, routed via the relevant sub-account.
  • Enhance fund tracking, transparency, and clarity, avoiding confusion in payment management.

Bulk Payouts for Winners

  • Utilize for efficient distribution of gaming prizes, earnings, and rewards to multiple players simultaneously.
  • Simplify payments after tournaments or virtual goods acquisition, enhancing player satisfaction.
  • Boost player motivation with timely and hassle-free bulk payouts, whether in virtual or real currency.

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