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Curlec offers a range of payment products for businesses. It has the following set of attractive features:

  • Sign up with Curlec easily with a few clicks.

  • With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with Curlec in less than an hour.

  • Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention.
  • Multiple Payment Modes
    Offer your customers to choose from various payment modes, including FPX, Wallets, Cards and many more.
  • Secured PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Solution
    No burden of regulatory compliance.

  • Competitive and transparent pricing structure.

  • Email support to help you in your every step.

  • Real-time data and insights on your Curlec Dashboard to help you make data-driven business decisions.ent

Curlec offers a range of solutions for all your payment and finance needs.

Curlec Payments provides a range of products to accept payments and make payouts. It also offers solutions to assess risks associated with a customer order.

The following table lists all the Payments products and offerings:

Product and Use
: Integrate our Payment Gateway with your website or app to accept payments from customers.
: Easiest way to accept payments with a custom-branded online store. Accept payments with automated payment receipts. Take your store online instantly with zero coding.
: Share payment link via an email, SMS, messenger or chatbot and get paid immediately.
: Create and send invoices that your customers can pay online instantly. Get paid faster and improve your cash flow.
: Take your store online instantly with zero coding. Accept one-time and recurring payments with automated payment receipts.
: Offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes.

Ready for Integration

  • Integrate your website or e-commerce store with the Curlec Payment Gateway using any of the .
  • Add a single line of code to your website or blog to get a and start accepting payments.

Do Not Have a Website or Mobile App

You can accept payments even if you do not have a website or a mobile app using any of these Razorpay products:

Know about products.

1. What is Curlec?

Curlec is a full-stack payments solution that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect payments and take control of their cash flow. We give you access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, FPX, and popular wallets including GrabPay and Touch'n Go.

We provide a secure link between your website, various issuing institutions, acquiring banks and other payment gateway providers.

List of


2. How can I start using Curlec products?

To start using any Curlec products, you need to sign up with Curlec. Know more about


3. There are so many Curlec products. How do I know which one is best for my business?

Please read the section about

as per your business needs. You can also raise a for an expert opinion.

4. How long can I access the features in the test mode? Is there a trial period?

You can access the Dashboard in test mode for as long as you like. However, you would need to submit your activation form to accept live payments from customers.

5. Does Curlec support payments via FPX?

Yes, you can accept payments via FPX using the

payment method on Curlec Checkout.

6. I do not have a website. Can I still use Curlec?

Yes, you can use Curlec to accept payments even if you do not have a website or mobile app. Check out our


7. How do I sign up for a test or sandbox account?

You can sign up for an account on the

and use to try out the products, after logging in.

8. Does Curlec provide Invoices?

Yes, you can use Curlec Invoices to create and send invoices to customers and accept payments. Know more about


9. How can I collect subscriptions from my customers?

You can offer subscription plans to your customers with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes. Know more about


10. How can I earn money from Curlec?

We are a payment solutions provider and help businesses to accept payments online. If you have a business venture and are looking to accept payments online, you can

with us. Also, we offer a referral program wherein you can refer a business to Curlec. Know more about .

11. How do I apply for a job at Curlec?

Thank you, for your interest in being a part of the Curlec team. Know more about the

at Curlec.

12. I have noticed a bug in your product, how do I report it?

If you have discovered any security vulnerabilities associated with any of our Curlec services, we do appreciate your help in disclosing them to us in a responsible manner. Know more about


13. Does Curlec support companies registered outside Malaysia?

Curlec serves businesses registered in Malaysia and


1. What are the ecommerce plugins supported by Curlec? How do we integrate it on our end?

2. How do I find my Curlec credentials?

The email/password is only used to log in to the Dashboard. To authenticate against the API, you will need to generate a Key ID, and KeySecret. Know how to generate


3. How do I find the base URL for Curlec API?

The current Curlec API is versioned at v1, so all requests should be made here

4. How do I find sample code for my server language?

The sample applications are hosted on GitHub. You can find the links to these under the Sample Application section on our


5. How to create a Curlec API instance?

The instance creation method differs based on the platform. Refer to the relevant


6. Where can I find the API references?

Refer to the


7. What are the platforms supported by Curlec?

We support a range of web and mobile platforms. Refer to the


1. How much does Curlec charge per transaction?

Know more about


2. Can the pricing be negotiated?

We offer custom pricing under the Enterprise plan. Raise a request with the

to know more.

3. What are the charges involved? Do you charge any set-up fee?

Refer to our


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