About Payment Gateway

Accept payments using Curlec Payment Gateway. Discover its advantages, when to use it and the various integration types.

A Payment Gateway creates a secure pathway between a customer and the business to facilitate payments securely. It involves the authentication of both parties from the banks involved. You can accept payments from customers on your website and mobile apps using the Curlec Payment Gateway as a business owner.


  • Onboarding
    Integrate Curlec Payment Gateway on your native-built website using Standard Checkout. You can also explore our plugins for various platforms such as WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and more.

  • Success Rate
    We achieve a higher success rate by using multiple connections to route a transaction. We also provide downtime updates and more.

  • Refunds
    Curlec retries failed API refunds smartly based on the error code received from the bank. Our Instant refunds feature provides you with the option to provide a best-in-class refund experience to your customers.

  • Scalability and Availability
    Our system can handle a load of 800 transaction requests per second without deterioration. We also provide downtime updates via email, status page and Dashboard.

  • Settlements Reconciliation
    Use settlement reconciliation to keep track of all the transactions such as payments, refunds, transfers, and adjustments settled to you for a particular day or month.

  • Coverage
    We support a wide range of domestic and international cards and wallets.

You should consider integrating with a payment gateway if you have a website or a mobile app.

Handy Tips

  • Do Not Have a Website or Mobile App?

    You can still accept payments by using other Curlec products such as

    and . Check the list of and find the product that best suits your business needs.

  • Not Ready to Integrate Yet?

    If you are unsure about integrating with Razorpay Gateway, you can use

    . Embed a Payment Button on your website by just adding a couple of lines of code.

You can decide which Razorpay Payment Gateway or Products suit your business requirements.

Decide which payment gateway or products to use based on the requirements

Handy Tips

Razorpay Payments provide a

to accept payments and make payouts.

Curlec offers a wide range of integrations as given below:

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