List of features that will help you build a first-class payments experience with Curlec Checkout.

Curlec payment gateway comes with a range of features that helps you build a first-class payments experience.

  • Checkout Logo and Colour Customisation
    You can customise the Checkout form to suit your business needs. For example, you can add a company logo and modify the appearance of the Checkout. Know more about

    and .

  • Configuring Payment Methods
    Curlec Standard Checkout hosts a variety of payment methods for customers to make payments. You can rearrange the order of these payment methods and display them at the Checkout to provide a highly personalised experience for your customers. Know more about


  • Making Email Read-only
    You can set the email field as read-only to ensure your customers can only view the email but can not edit it. You can allow your customers to edit this field based on your preferences. Know more about


  • Prefill Customer Contact Details
    To improve conversion rates and reduce form-fill friction, use the prefill parameter to automatically fill in customer contact information, especially their phone number. The expected format while prefilling the phone number in the

    is + (country code)(phone number)(Example: "contact": "+919000090000").

    Watch Out!

    This feature is not applicable if you:

    • Do no collect customer contact details on your website before checkout.
    • Have Shopify stores.
    • Use any of the┬áno-code apps.
  • Making Phone Number Field Optional
    You can hide the phone number field from the checkout page based on your preferences. You can also enable customers to proceed with the payment without providing a phone number. Refer to the

    table to know more about making phone number field optional.

    Watch Out!

    • To enable this feature, contact our .
    • If you enable customers to proceed with the payment without providing their phone number, then the field will not appear against the payment on the Dashboard and the reports.
  • Configure Email Address Field
    The email address field is hidden by default on checkout if it is not pre-filled. Since email is not mandatory, this will reduce drop-offs and improve conversion rates. You can choose to hide the field, make it optional or mandatory based on your business requirement. Know how to


  • Partial Payment Capability
    You can allow your customer to make partial payments at the Checkout. Know more about


  • Customer Fee-bearer
    You can choose to charge a convenience fee to your customers for the use of technology infrastructure. Convenience Fees are seamlessly added at Curlec Checkout without disrupting the checkout experience for your customers. Know more about .
  • Checkout Timeout
    You set a timeout on Checkout. After the specified time limit, the customer will not be able to use Checkout and hence the payment will terminate after the set time. Know more about .

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