Know about Curlec Partnership program and the different partnership types. Check how to enroll as a Partner.

The Curlec Partnership Program is a referral program through which you can offer the Curlec product suite to your clients or customers and get rewarded. This program is a source of additional income for Curlec Partners.

What's New

  • Curlec Platform Partners are now called Technology Partners.(Mar 2024)
  • Curlec Reseller Partners are now called Service Partners.(Mar 2024)

  • Fast & seamless onboarding: Get started with Curlec with 100% paperless onboarding.
  • Lucrative rewards for all: Earn for every transaction carried out by your affiliate accounts.
  • Extensive partner support: Get features like bulk email, refund tracking system along with a dedicated account manager.
  • Powerful dashboard: Take better business decisions by analysing detailed reports about payments, settlements and refunds.
  • API driven products: Save on time by using our ready-to-use integration kits for leading service providers like WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • Robust product suite: Get a solution to all your payment issues on one platform: Payment Links, Payment Gateway and a lot more.

From a student to an e-commerce consultant, anyone can become a Curlec Partner. Here are some of the popular categories amongst existing Curlec Partners:

  • Web and app developers
  • Digital marketing service providers
  • Web hosting services
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Freelancers
  • E-commerce consultants
  • Individuals and students

Any business, ranging from an enterprise to an individual with a client base that needs online payment solutions for their business, can be a part of this program.

Curlec supports the following types of Partners where each Partner type has different levels of control on Sub-merchants and gets access to different types of data.

Whether you are new to the Curlec ecosystem or are an existing Curlec merchant, enrolling for the Curlec Partnership program is quite simple. The process slightly differs if you are:

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