Install Razorpay Python SDK

Install the Python server-side SDK to interact with Curlec APIs.

You can install the Razorpay Python SDK and integrate it with your Python-based website to accept payments, initiate refunds and do much more.

Handy Tips

Supported Python versions: 2.7, 2.7.6, 3.3 and above.

Here is how you can install and integrate the Razorpay Python SDK with your Python-based website.

Follow these steps to install the Razorpay Python SDK:

  1. Download the latest source code zip file from .
  2. Unzip the file and add it to your project.

After setting up the client, set up your app details before making requests to Razorpay. Run the following command to set up your app details:

client.set_app_details({"title" : "<YOUR_APP_TITLE>", "version" : "<YOUR_APP_VERSION>"})

The data type the app title and version is a string.

For example, you can set the title to Django and version to 1.8.17.

  • Feature Request: If you have a feature request, raise an issue on .

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