Integrate With React Native Standard SDK

Integrate Razorpay Standard Checkout with your React Native App.

Integrate with Razorpay React Native Standard SDK to accept payments from customers on your app built using React Native. The React Native Standard SDK acts as a wrapper around the Razorpay Standard SDK to build a dynamic and responsive Checkout interface for your iOS or Android application.

Version No.Release DateChanges
2.3.022 Nov 2022Feature : Added Expo support.
2.2.905 April 2022Features :
  • React version upgraded to 17.0.0
  • React Native version upgraded to 0.66.4

Bug Fix : Update events.
2.2.821 Sept 2021Minor Bug Fixes.
2.2.77 June 2021Bug Fix : After returning to SDK from different activity, the "Payment cancelled by user" message will display if there is an error.
Feature : Updated Native SDK version 1.6.9.
2.1.3303 April 2020Feature : Added Swift 5.2 support.

Handy Tips

This document elaborates the SDK integration steps for apps running on React Native version 0.60+. You can find the SDK integration steps for apps with


Check the sample folder on

to integrate.

Follow these integration steps:

  1. Build Integration ( or )

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