Update an Invoice

Edit an Invoice.

You can only update a draft invoice. Know more about


To update an invoice:

  1. Log in to the .
  2. Click on Invoices.
  3. Search for the Draft invoice that you want to update using the .
  4. Select the Invoice Id.
  5. The following information can be edited:
    • Customer details
    • Description
    • Expiry date of the invoice
    • Notes
    • Billing Address
    • Shipping Address
    • Partial payments
    • Label
  6. Click Save Invoice.

Watch Out!

When an item's attributes are modified at the time of invoice creation, the modified item cannot be reused. The item will then be referred as a Line item. In other words, a Line Item is created when an Item is used as a template, in order to customise its attributes.

The invoice now displays the updated details.

You can update a draft invoice using


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